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    Adrenal Stress Syndrome affects nearly everyone with chronic health challenges, and perhaps to some
    degree the vast majority of humanity.  

    This is the "syndrome" that results from stress overload.  And don't get to thinking that there is nothing that
    can be done for stress.  We can effectively and consistently increase your stress capacity...which literally
    means how much stress you can take without compromising your healthy physiology or function.

    Adrenal stress syndrome occurs when the quantity and quality of stress overwhelms an area of your brain
    called the hypothalamus.  This area of the brain directs the actions and outputs of the pituitary gland and
    your brain stem.  What this ultimately means is hormonal problems, starting with elevated cortisol.  

    This "syndrome" when left unchecked and uncorrected, can result in serious immune and nervous system
    disorders, including autoimmune conditions, chronic fatigue, loss of memory and focus, as well as thyroid and
    male or female hormone disorders.  

    By identifying the sources of stress, whether emotional or social, or chemical (anemia, immune activation or
    imbalance, inflammation), and/or physical (pain, postural imbalance, mechanical movement imbalances such
    as gait or TMJ and cranial problems...our vast tool belt of techniques, therapies, and therapeutics CAN HELP
    you restore your hormonal balance, improve many immune and neurological conditions, and even help you
    approach a greater level of acceptance of life's little (and BIG) stressors, which is the first step toward

    If you desire greater stress resilience, energy, and hormone balance...contact us today to set up an initial
    consultation to discuss your options.  



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