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    WHY does one respond with allergic reactions, while a sibling or spouse freely breathes our dusty and pollen
    filled air?  Well, because we have allergies, of course.  But WHY?  Why does one person react so strongly to
    pollens or cats or dust, and another person exposed to the same thing is not affected?

    If we look at the medications used to relieve allergies, we get our solution.  

    If histamine blockers help, we must look at how histamine is made and disposed.  If leukotriene blockers help,
    we must look at how leukotrienes are made and disposed.  

    Histamine is produced in the immune system (by everyone) in response to irritants that need to be eliminated.  
    Our first consideration is, maybe you are producing histamine normally but just not getting rid of it…imagine
    having a glass of wine, but your liver didn’t get rid of it…you would stay buzzed forever.  The breakdown of
    histamine requires B6, folic acid, and a nutrient in apples and onions call quercitin.  What if you simply aren’t
    getting rid of it normally?

    The other likely consideration is that your immune system is irritated and over stimulated resulting in an
    overreaction and too much histamine.  The key is finding ALL the irritants: soaps, detergents, odors, pollens,
    dusts, danders, and foods that might be causing this irritation.  Some things can be removed, such as a
    detergent or food, and others can be counteracted, such as Vitamin C, which may tone down the response to
    a pollen or dust.  There are also ways to desensitize your nervous system to irritants as well.  

    Note: be considerate of “slow” allergy reactions to foods, which won’t cause that obvious allergic response,
    but will contribute to the histamine load.

    Leukotrienes are hormones produced by the types of fat you eat.  So if you are improved by a leukotriene
    medication (ie. Singulair), you are making inflammatory hormones because you are eating inflammatory fats,
    such as trans fats, deep fried fats, grain and vegetable oils.  Stop it, and you won’t need Singulair anymore!

    A careful, thorough and all system approach, considering your full immune system, all irritants, the
    detoxification pathways and nutrient needs can stop the suffering.  

    Give us a call today to get yourself on the path to a smooth spring and pollen season!  



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