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    The standard assessment for fatigue is a thyroid and red blood cell analysis; both are tested in our Standard
    Blood analysis.  This is to diagnose hypothyroidism, which is traditionally treated with hormone therapy,
    and/or anemia, which is treated nutritionally regardless of the type of health professional you consult.  

    The natural approach would include those methods; although, we would attempt to get the thyroid working
    naturally if it is low functioning.  The thought process is that if your thyroid could make hormones last year
    using protein, iodine and trace minerals, why not try to get it going again using higher doses of those
    nutrients?  I would also evaluate if adrenal or liver stress is allowing an imbalance of hormones, such as
    estrogen or cortisol, which can affect the thyroid.  Then I would treat the source of the stress nutritionally to
    regain balance resetting the thyroid as well.

    If you are anemic, we have to consider B6, Vitamin C, and folic acid, along with B12 and iron.  The simple test
    (through lab testing), is to check what the MCV (Mean Corpuscular Volume) is doing.  If it is high, then folic
    acid or Vitamin B12 would help the most; if it is low, then iron and B6 would be most appropriate.  

    Another cause of fatigue is a problem with making ATP or energy from sugar (glucose).  As we vaguely recall
    from chemistry class, the production of ATP from sugar requires several minerals and vitamins, such as
    magnesium, B1,2,3 and others.  A deficiency of even one will impair your ability to make energy and result in
    a tired feeling.  

    Adrenal gland stress can also cause a feeling of fatigue, exhaustion, wired and tired or some other
    manifestation of low energy as a result of abnormal production of the hormone cortisol.  Sometimes just
    feeding the adrenal glands will help normalize energy, but often you have to address stressors, such as belief
    systems, self talk, stimulants, food additives, low grade infections, or conflict.  Any stress, repeated over and
    over can stress, fatigue, or exhaust your adrenal gland function resulting in problems with energy.  

    Are you tired or toxic?  Perhaps your liver is the stressed organ.  It has to metabolize all those hormones you
    make and chemicals you eat and breathe, not to mention if you are on a medication.  Tylenol has a dramatic
    effect on the liver, slowing the processing of all chemicals through your liver.  Liver detoxification, when
    applied using knowledge of biochemistry, involves adequate protein, sulfur, and many nutrients that the liver
    uses to process and eliminate the variety of chemicals we make and are exposed to.  

    Other considerations include heavy metal exposure and food allergies, which need to be diagnosed and
    treated or eliminated.  

    For a full energy evaluation, along with recommendations to improve your energy, call our office today.


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