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    The knee joint has nearly 20 individual muscles that assist it's performing normal walking and running, weight
    bearing, and the simple movements of flexion, extension, and internal and external rotation...toe in and toe

    A simple joint, with a big job, and many team members required to "pull their weight."  
    The top of the leg, the quadriceps is intimately associated with the small intestine function.  If you have trouble
    walking up stairs, you may have an injury to these muscles, or a fire down below...inflammation in your small

    The back of the leg, the hamstrings, and the outside of the leg the "TFL" are all associated with the large
    intestine.  Candida, parasites, and unwanted bacteria in the colon can weaken these muscles and cause knee

    The inside of the knee, the gracilis and sartorius muscles, are associated with your stress glands, the
    adrenals.  For more information, read our adrenal stress page.

    All of these muscles can be inhibited, or weakened as a result of changes in stress hormones, digestion, and
    inflammation.  They can weaken due to mechanical irritation or subluxation...what chiropractors call abnormal
    joint movement and position.  They can weaken from injuries to the muscles themselves, and even from
    patterns of injuries involving sites far from the knee pain.  

    Your best chance of recovery is through diagnosis.  Our unique diagnostic process can identify all
    contributing factors, so they ALL can be addressed...ENDING the cycle of knee pain and injury!!

    For a full knee pain evaluation, including over 20 individual muscles assessed...call our office



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