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    Osteoarthritis is a degenerative joint disease that primarily affects the large, weight bearing joints and the
    joints of the hands.  It is mainly seen in the elderly and is the most common form of arthritis.  Although the
    precise mechanisms are unknown, it is clear that wear and tear is a principal cause of osteoarthritis.

    Disease Process
    Slow, progressive cartilage deterioration is followed by "hardening of the joints" due to calcification and bone
    spur formation.  The "joint cushion" deteriorates, which leads to pain and limited movement of the joint.

    -Early morning stiffness
    -Loss or restriction of joint mobility
    -Pain that is worse after use
    -Stiffness after periods of rest
    -Creaking/cracking of joints after movement
    -Tenderness and swelling in certain areas
    -Restricted mobility
    -Pain in the joint before or during changes in the weather

    1. Age - Risk for osteoarthritis increases with age.  It is estimated that over 80% of the population over 50
        shows signs of osteoarthritis.  
    2. Obesity increase stress on the joints
    3. Poor diet and lack of exercise over a long period of time
    4. Genetic predisposition
    5. Skeletal defects
    6. Hormonal imbalances - osteoarthritis increases after menopause
    7. Nutritional imbalances
    8. Injury - increases risk of developing osteoarthritis in the injured area
    9. Food allergies and sensitivities - a food elimination/rotation diet is suggested
    10. NSAIDS increase the problem of food sensitivities by creating "leaky gut syndrome"

    1. Glucosamine Sulfate: Glucosamine works differently than NSAIDS.  NSAIDS inhibit proteoglycan synthesis,
    which makes up cartilage, whereas glucosamine prevents proteoglycan degradation, thus enhancing cartilage
    production.  Results are usually seen in 1-2 months at the suggested dosage of 1500 mg per day
    2. Essential Fatty Acids: When inflammation is present, the correct balance of fatty acids is beneficial.  Fish oil
    is a potent antiinflammatory nutrient.

    For a complete assessment of what treatments will be right for you, and help you ease the pain and limitations
    of osteoarthritis, call today for a complete evaluation.


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