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    We offer a wide variety of tools and techniques including:

    APPLIED KINESIOLOGY:  This is a diagnostic process using manual muscle testing as a window to your
    neurological function.  That means we can pick up subtle injuries that keep you in pain, sensitivities that keep
    you exhausted, and other stressors that simply wear you out and keep you in the cycle of feeling "not well."
    For more information on Applied Kinesiology...

    ASERT:  An allergy elimination or desensitization technique similar to NAET, that helps decrease sensitivities
    to foods and environmental allergens.  This approach can free you from the allergy and stress process that
    ultimately suppresses thyroid function (energy), inflammation (save your heart and brain), and the general
    stress caused by an over active immune system, including Adrenal Stress Syndrome.

    COLD LASER THERAPY:  Cold laser treatments work at the cellular level to reduce pain and inflammation.    
    It is also beneficial for balancing the meridian (energy system) which literally makes you more resilient to

    CHIROPRACTIC SPINAL AND EXTREMITY ADJUSTING:  We use both gentle hands on chiropractic manual
    manipulation and light non-force instrument adjustments.  Each treatment is tailored to the individuals needs
    and conditions making no two adjustments alike.  We adjust new born babies and little old ladies and
    everything in between, all with different levels of intensity and appropriate techniques.  We offer 30+ years of
    experience making the tool bag of techniques we draw from quite rich and diverse in nature.

    ACUPUNCTURE:  Dr. Graham has been using acupuncture since 1977.  We use acupuncture to help
    normalize function to an area that is out of balance.  Often there is an excess of energy in the meridians
    involved with the painful areas.  Acupuncture is one method of helping restore balance to the system.  

    We look forward to helping you reach you goals in health and performance.  We can guide you...naturally,
    safely and effectively toward greater energy, vitality, and away from your chronic health challenges!



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