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    Do you suffer with shoulder pain?  Is it preventing you from exercising?  Playing sports?  

    There is a better way to permanently resolve your shoulder pain.  

    Applied Kinesiology (AK) allows for a more thorough evaluation of the FUNCTION of the muscles around the
    shoulder girdle.

    Your shoulder has the most complex range of movements of any joint in your body.  It is not a weight bearing
    joint, which means the function of the muscles is critical to movement that is pain free.  

    Applied kinesiology considers not only the physical effects of muscle performance, but the neurological and
    energetic (Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM) effects.  For example, TCM considers the organ and gland
    association.  The rotator cuff is associated to brain function, immune function, heart and circulation, as well as
    thyroid function.  

    Therefore, inflammation, energy and oxygen deficiencies, and basal temperature can play a role in muscle
    function, and literally be the underlying cause of shoulder pain.  

    Don't sell yourself short by only considering the health of the tendons and ligaments...their health can be
    compromised by organ system dysfunction and stress.  

    By taking a careful history of all systems, and a thorough examination considering ALL potential stressors to
    your muscle function, you can realize the potential of whole system care using AK functional diagnostics and
    the care of your body and brain towards optimal shoulder function.

    Ask yourself the following questions:

    Is your energy the same as it was 10 years ago?
    Do you feel hot or cold at times?
    Do you have periods of low blood sugar, feeling jittery, shaky, and irritable?
    Do you have hardening or weakening of your finger or toe nails?  
    Do you experience shortness of breath when exercising or heart palpitations while at rest?

    These are just a few of the considerations toward more effectively and permanently resolving your shoulder
    Remember, everything affects everything and anything can cause anything.  For chronic shoulder pain, we
    can help simplify a corrective approach using AK.

    For more information on Applied Kinesiology, CLICK HERE!



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